Wednesday, April 18, 2012

National Poetry Month 30 Poems in 30 Days Challenge, Poem #14

Riverside Park, You Were Babysitting

The city receded at last
  its electric hum, that city
  of a thousand cliches and
  the million empty faced power
  walkers, vibrating with missed, wanting
  connections, city charged even
  as a backdrop- where I claimed
  a park bench for my paperback
  for my sweet, quick cooling coffee
  a place to steal stray rays of sunshine
  in April while trees sprout a summer
  of syrup, cloying white-blue buds
when she crashed into me, a blur
  of pink and tricycle pedals
  I scooched and she squealed the joyful
  little girl giggle of the world
  spontaneous surprising new
and you appeared sundressed and sandled
  your face close and bright-flushed red-gold
  like sunrise against skyscapers
  tomorrow endlessly reflected,
  smiled your sincerely happy tired
  youth at me that city morning
  when all my words bubbled and caught,
  you turned away before I could say
  I'd like to learn to trail goodness,
  teach me how legs chase joy across
  electrified sidewalks and these
  narrow stripes of spring growing green.

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