Friday, April 20, 2012

National Poetry Month 30 Poems in 30 Days Challenge, Poem #16

The moon is twice itself tonight
  its hanging craggy face
  potmarked with the insistence of everyday
  stormed by age with nothing to stir the dust.
Also it's glint reflection
  wavering in water, younger
  stirred by our toes and the soft breathed breeze
  born in the lack of space between
  your face, my fingertips.
Two moons, too, my sagging face
  furrowed and lined and deep bagged under my eyes
  where the chill run rough through my legs from the cool deep lake
  and reflected in your
  tender pupilled ponds
  I see me as always then
  thinner, firmer, strong.

NB: Thanks to Hazel and Wren for running a blog with writing prompts to help me on the tough days.

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