Monday, April 30, 2012

National Poetry Month 30 Poems in 30 Days Challenge, Poem #30

We Play the Desert Island Game on the Way Home from Her Mother's House, Christmas 2008

1. The Album
London Calling or Sgt. Pepper?
  with sanity's fine threads drawn tight
  beneath her answer.

2. The Game
Legend of Zelda, the first one
  looped by world shuffling rabbit holes
  fall in and forget
  the heat.
She contributes nothing, deferential.

3. The Book
Moby Dick? Really?
  Condom jokes. What better way
  to fight the loneliness of this interminable stretch
  the asphalt sea, rising in gray-white waves
  beneath the yellow sear of the high beams.
Before unassailable Proust, glibly dancing
  before intricate, weighted Joyce
  before Hemingway's sparse daring?
  Little things we learn.

4. The Friend
And whose hand will hold yours
  in salt stained sunsets
  cradle you fallen from palm trees in search of coconuts
  crouch together over ragged whifts of fire
  wake you as the storm blows in
  with rough persistent liquid pressure against your sun cracked spine?

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