Sunday, April 1, 2012

National Poetry Month 30 Poems in 30 Days Challenge

borrowed from here
Warm Ups

Atrophy comes to mind
  slow degeneration
  the paralyzation of self-confidence
  spell paralyzation azation ization isation?
wait Warm Ups Warm-ups Warm-Ups

Blank spaces terrify me
  the open sea
  the empty page
  that spot on the road ahead as you run towards it
    where it rises and reveals a point that reflects no sunlight,
    so instead it looks slick and wet,
    ominously empty

Try not to think about 30 writing days
  like 26.1 miles, clump it chunk it divide
  just try to keep your lunch down

So stretch like gym class
  hope the girls won't look
  hope the boys don't look, either
  judgements from every angle

Copy your neighbors, even though it's unsatisfying:

  And am I the only one doing this?
  Might that mean I'm doing it wrong?
  Wonder how much work should a warm-up be?

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