In John Steinbeck's Tortilla Flat, an honorable bum muses that with "Love and fighting, and a little wine. Then you are always young, always happy." And it has struck me that this sentiment is a distillation of why we do so many things. It is why I read, why I cook, why I spend hours thinking about baseball.

If it doesn't make you feel young and happy, why are you doing it?

I'm addicted to my Yankees, to fiction, to graphic novels, and to all forms of meta-fiction. I'm prone to run on sentences (particularly comma splices) and to parenthetical statements. I love thinking about other people's writing and why it reaches me.

I wrote for and managed Pinstripe Alley, where I am still a staff writer, for The Hometown Fan (now defunct) in its startup season, and my first poetry chapbook was published by Turtle Ink Press.

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