Friday, May 4, 2012

Rivera and Age

I wrote my farewell to Mariano Rivera over at Pinstripe Alley this morning. The greatest closer of all time twisted his knee, tearing a ligament that will end his season and likely end his career.

Age comes, eventually. The pulse in your wrist is a clock winding down, as though we need more reminders.

But that is why we keep coming back to the game. It grows as we grow old, and the more of the history we have lived, heard of, or read about, the richer the game becomes. That's what makes Derek Jeter's march up the all-time hit list enjoyable- not the number, but the stories revived by each number.

This morning, my heart is breaking for one of the greatest ball players I will ever see. Tonight, there will be a game.

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  1. Yankee fans here in upstate NY (I don't follow baseball anymore but many people in my area are Yankees fans) are in mourning. As far as the richness of aging: One of the highlights of my life was seeing Bob Feller play in a 2009 Hall of Fame Classics game in Cooperstown. He seemed so young! Now that was aging well done.