Thursday, March 1, 2012

An Off Week; Or, Starting Over Right Now

It's been an off week for me in several ways.

I've been too tired to drag myself to the gym for my usual 6am workouts. I've felt in a funk at my desk, struggling to keep up with my myriad responsibilities. By the time I've made it home, I've been cranky, tired, and generally no fun to be around. I've done very little reading, virtually no writing, and only moderate board game playing.

Sorry world, it's been a bad week.

As with everything else, I find myself asking why.

Am I sleeping late and fitfully because I'm not getting to the gym, or vice versa? Is my lousy mood spoiling my evenings, or has a stretch of unsatisfyingly spent free time caused this black cloud?

What are things I value, that make me happy? What has been missing?

I like my schedule packed. I like getting people together and making fun things happen. I like food and laughter and good times.

Last weekend was a lot of fun- Shane and I went on a road trip to Dover for a fedora, I spent Saturday making a hat band and pocket square for my suit, had dinner with Heather and James, and then we went with some of our friends to Birthday Ball (if Sam ever sends me the photos, I'll share). I played chess with Shane and Adam on Monday. I worked late on Tuesday. Carol and I had a quiet night in last night, and we have plans for board games and dinner with friends tonight. First Friday tomorrow, and dinner in DC on Saturday.

So why am I blue?

I don't know, but I'm done with it. I feel lousy, and I'm sick of it. Right now, 1:30 on Thursday marks the start of a new week.

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