Saturday, December 21, 2013

Word of the Week

noun: expedition; plural noun: expeditions
  1. 1.
    a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, esp. that of exploration, scientific research, or war.
    "an expedition to the jungles of the Orinoco"
    synonyms:journeyvoyagetour, odyssey; More
    • the people involved in an expedition.
      "many of the expedition have passed rigorous courses"
      synonyms:groupteampartycrewbandsquad More
  2. 2.
    a short trip made for a particular purpose.
    "a shopping expedition"
  3. 3.
    promptness or speed in doing something.
    "the landlord shall remedy the defects with all possible expedition"
late Middle English: via Old French from Latin expeditio(n-), from expedire ‘extricate’ (see expedite). Early senses included ‘prompt supply of something’ and ‘setting out with aggressive intent’ The notions of ‘speed’ and ‘purpose’ are retained in current senses.Sense 1 dates from the late 16th cent.

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