Saturday, July 13, 2013

30 Before 30 Six Month Update


4. Use the pasta maker
Delicious with pictures.
9. Visit a new brewery
Outer Banks Brewing Station, 7/6

In Progress:

1. Read In Search of Lost Time (A Remembrance of Things Past)
I finished Swann's Way on our recent vacation. Review to follow.
2. Finish the Modern Library's Top 10 List
To read: UlyssesDarkness at Noon, and Sons and Lovers.
11. See games in 2 new baseball stadiums
Nationals Park 6/25 and ???
12. Plan our European vacation
14. Learn to play 3 songs on the guitar
15. Submit poems to at least 6 publications
16. Lose 30 pounds
17. Create a board game
24. Listen to at least 52 hours of Top 40 radio
25. Take pictures of 12 events
26. Visit Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC 3 times each
We went three times to the World Cafe in Philly. We've been to a Super Bowl party and to Nationals Park in DC. We've been to a graduation party in Baltimore and an Orioles game.
27. Improve the blog layout
I actually think this one might be done, but depending what I learn in the Javascript course I'm taking in the fall...
28. Learn Javascript
29. Post 208 times on andalittlewine
I'm halfway through the year and only at post 69. With 139 posts to go in 26 weeks, I need to churn out better than 5 posts a week. This might be harder than I originally thought.
30. Complete monthly to-do lists of house projects

To Do:

3. Hold a fancy dinner
5. Cook something complicated
6. Host a fest
7. Visit one new US metropolis
8. Visit a new winery
10. Go whitewater rafting (minimum Class 3)
13. Tour the National Aquarium
18. Volunteer 10 hours
19. Build a tv stand
20. Learn to drive standard
21. Go to an island on a ferry
22. Watch 5 great movies
23. Learn to play Go

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