Sunday, January 22, 2012

Accidental Sushi

This is not the sushi I ate, but it looks yummy, too!
We didn't mean to have sushi for lunch yesterday, although it was quite good.

We stopped at Ichiban, just on the Eastern Shore side of the Bay Bridge. I have loved sushi ever since a friend introduced me to it (in Scranton PA, of all the landlocked places in the world). We don't have a sushi restaurant closer than 45 minutes from us here, and that's the farthest I've lived from a decent sushi place since I moved to Scranton 5 years ago.

So, here's how I went from Electric City to Ichiban:

1) I learned to love sushi through my love of a deal and love of a meal, and, since the nice sushi place in Scranton offered half price rolls on Sundays, it quickly became my favorite meal deal.

2) I moved all over the place (seriously, 4 times in 5 years, each time moving no less than 150 miles). I kept trying more kinds of sushi; I kept liking it in restaurant after restaurant and town after town.

3) I agreed to go to Baltimore for a friend's birthday, for ice skating and a wine bar, for joy.

4) It snowed.

I suppose the correct term for what happened between Friday night and Saturday morning would be 'wintery mix,' but it's not at all satisfying to say "4) It wintery mixed."

Baltimore didn't happen because traffic did, snarling the Bay Bridge. We didn't make it to the rink or the wine bar. But I did get a fantastic $9.99 lunch special, 4 rolls, and Carol got a bento box. I had tuna and salmon, spicy red snapper, and eel and avocado.

Not the day I expected, but a yummy one nonetheless.

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