Sunday, November 13, 2011

Goodness Grows: The Yummiest Thing in My Life Right Now

Since I was in Pittsburgh last week, I drove up to Youngstown to see my best friend Adam and to sample some of the food at Goodness Grows' Harvest of Hope.

It was an interesting night; a half dozen local chefs and restaurateurs made bite sized samples for a crowd that packed the church where the event was held. Stuffed turkey, jerk chicken, beef brisket, a squash soup- all locally grown/ raised.

I'm not the world's biggest localist, but I love good eats. I think it's fantastic that I got to eat some home made capicola (and later, a chocolate ball with bacon on top).

The question I have after spending the night with so much local grown food in Ohio: if I get that delicious pork delivered to the Eastern Shore (and I've their business card, so I can and I will), do I still say it's "local?"

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